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2.5 million Americans have epilepsy.


The National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC) is an association of more than 50 specialized epilepsy centers in the United States. The NAEC does not provide answers to specific medical questions, but acts as a link to those who can.

With the goal of no seizures and no and side effects, the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC) strives to make high quality care available and affordable for epilepsy patients.

Find an Epilepsy Center
The NAEC connects people with high quality, specialized epilepsy centers via the NAEC Membership Directory.

NAEC Guidelines
The treatment of seizure disorders requires more than the right choice of an antiepileptic medicine, or even the ability to perform epilepsy surgery. Seizures and their treatment affect many aspects of health and the ability to function in modern society. These needs have been recognized by the formation of specialized epilepsy centers. See Guidelines for Essential Services, Personnel, and Facilities in Specialized Epilepsy Centers in the United States published in Epilepsia, Vol. 42, No. 6, 2001.

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