NAEC membership provides level 3 and level 4 specialized epilepsy centers a unified voice for epilepsy centers and high quality epilepsy care. As a member, NAEC will advocate on behalf of your center; provide access to best practices and standards of care; and review your center for level 3 or 4 accreditation. We represent your interests, along with more than 230 other epilepsy centers in the United States.

NAEC works for you, and with you.

  • We define and support the development of the highest standards of specialized epilepsy care.
  • We engage in continuous quality improvement of our standards through our accreditation process.
  • We advocate for access to specialized epilepsy care for individuals seeking accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • We initiate positive changes in public and private reimbursement policies, legislation, and regulations that govern the way specialized epilepsy care is delivered in the U.S.
  • We continually seek opportunities to improve coding, coverage and payment for epilepsy services by public and private payors.
  • We collaborate with other epilepsy organizations to promote public health programs to encourage early intervention, accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment for patients with epilepsy.
  • We provide comprehensive resources to support the operations of¬†epilepsy¬†centers.
  • We annually collect data from epilepsy centers to inform our operations and advocacy agenda.
  • We help educate the public and other healthcare providers about the critical role that epilepsy centers play in caring for people with epilepsy across the country.

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