There are many diverse organizations within the epilepsy community, which address the needs of people with different types of epilepsy, are focused on research, or the education and training of professionals with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Leadership Council

Additional Patient Resources:

  • Anti-Epileptic Drug Pregnancy Registry: A registry for research to determine the safety of anti-epileptic drugs for pregnant women and their babies.
  • My Seizures, Know More: A 6-question tool designed to empower people living with epilepsy by providing personalized questions for them to discuss with their doctors.
  • Non-Epileptic Seizures: A website with comprehensive public and professional information concerning psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.
  • Rare Epilepsy Network (REN): A network representing patients with rare epilepsy designed to establish a registry that will allow for patient-centered research.
  • Social Security Disability Help: A nonprofit organization with information about how people with epilepsy can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance.
  • Transition of Care: Helpful tips and tools to help people with epilepsy and their caregivers navigate the transition from a child epileptologist to an adult epileptologist.
  • Types of Seizures: A detailed breakdown of the many different types of seizures.