About EMU Caring

NAEC’s accreditation criteria require that at least 1 physician and 1 technician or nurse complete EMU Caring for each center. EMU Caring is a free online continuing medical education series created by the American Epilepsy Society and NAEC. Even though the requirement is that only two providers complete EMU Caring, NAEC recommends the course for all members of the epilepsy center team.

The program consists of seven modules addressing the following topics:

  • Introduction to Safety in the EMU (Culture of Safety and Overview of EMU Safety)
  • Enhancing Safety Prior to Admission:
    • Professional Education and Communication
    • Assessment and Education of Patient and Family
  • Seizure Observation
  • Environment and Activity
  • Seizure Provocation
  • Managing Seizures and Comorbidities

For more information on EMU Caring, please go to http://www.emucaring.org/.