NAEC Completes Epilepsy Center Accreditation for 2018

The 2018 NAEC Accreditation Process was completed on March 1st and all accredited centers were sent certificates specifying accreditation as a level 3 or 4 epilepsy center.  239 centers were accredited in 2018:187 level 4 centers and 52 level 3 centers.  The 187 hospitals with accredited level 4 epilepsy centers were reported to US News and World Report in March.  NAEC level 4 accreditation is a component of its national ranking of hospitals with top Neurology/Neurosurgery services.

NAEC continues to grow, granting accreditation to 8 new applicant centers. NAEC’s epilepsy center directory is available on the website.  In addition to providing the location of the center and the center level, the directory includes the patient population served by each center – adult, adult/pediatric and pediatric.

NAEC would like to thank the leadership and staff of every center that participated in the 2018 accreditation process for their interest in providing high-quality care to people with epilepsy.