AMA Releases Long Term EEG Coding Changes from May 2018 CPT Panel Meeting

In July, the AMA published a summary of the May 2018 CPT Editorial Panel Meeting.  At this meeting the Panel approved changes to the Long Term EEG Monitoring Codes, which have been under discussion for over a year. These changes will not take effect until January 1, 2020. Physicians should continue to use the existing CPT codes for Long Term EEG Monitoring until that date.

The coding changes agreed to by the Panel and publicly released by the AMA are as follows:

  • Deletion of CPT Codes 95827, 95950, 95951, 95953, and 95956
  • Addition of 13 codes for the technical component of long term EEG services (95X01 – 95X13)
  • The addition of 10 codes for the professional component of long term EEG services 95X14 – 95X23)
  • Revisions to the EEG guidelines with definitions and parentheticals following codes 61533, 95812, 95813, 95816, 95819, 95822, 95827, 95967 will be included in the CPT Manual

Note: Codes that contain an ‘X’ are placeholder codes that are intended, through the first three digits, to give an idea of the proposed placement in the code set of the potential code changes. The permanent code numbers and code descriptors will be published in August 2019. No additional information on the new codes can be provided until this time.

NAEC is working with its sister organizations, AAN, AES, and ACNS to develop educational materials on the new coding structure.  This will include coding guides, webinars, and a joint NAEC/AES session on coding at the AES Annual Meeting in December 2019.